Spring Cleaning Declutter Tips
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Spring Cleaning Declutter Tips

Spring Cleaning Declutter Tips

Folks the weather has finally broken! Now it’s time for spring cleaning de letter tips; especially if you’re considering listing your home! Whether you’re getting ready to move and want to make your house look top-notch for potential buyers or you feel like the winter made you into a borderline hoarder these 5 tips from HGTV.com can will you declutter your home.

Tip 1: Pick one item a day and get rid of it: Starting small and picking just one or even a few things a day to get rid of makes the task at hand seem more manageable. Doing this for several weeks straight can make a major dent in your clutter problem

Tip 2: Do you Love it? Use It? Need it?: Ask yourself these three questions. If the answer is no get rid of it! This is a major key for spring cleaning and decluttering.

Tip 3: Start Small: Everyone has a junk drawer…. Start there and work your way up to larger areas of your home

Tip 4: Digitize paper documents and old photos: It’s amazing how much room that stuff takes up

Tip 5: The zero accumulation rule: If you bring something new into your home take something out!

Following these simple spring cleaning declutter tips can help get your household back on track!


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