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Mobile Closings Knoxville, Tn

Mobile Closings Knoxville, Tn

Crossland Title offers a full range of title, escrow, and closing services for your real estate transactions in the Knoxville area. Crossland Title even offers mobile closings in Knoxville, Tn!

In our fast-paced world, it can often be a challenge to pick the right time to close on a house. Will you have to leave work? Find a sitter? With mobile closings, these questions are a thing of the past! No need to leave work, we come to you to close on your house or refinance. Our mobile closing service is safe and efficient to help you whenever, and wherever, is convenient for you.

Let’s look at some of the best aspects of mobile closings with Crossland Title.

Choosing the Location 

Generally, a closing will take place at the office of a title company M-F between 9 am-5 pm. When clients use a mobile closing service, you can choose the time & location of the closing has much more flexibility. Do you want to close your kitchen table? A restaurant? Or an office? Depending on the other parties involved, these conveniences open up a bit more.

If you or a client are looking to close quickly, you can trust the team at Crossland Title to do the job right. Our title company is well-known for its service and attention to detail. Our mobile closings make it even easier to get your property transfer or refinance completed as soon as possible.


Being able to choose the time and place of your closing is ideal, and with mobile closings, you can do just that. Flexibility is the best part of mobile closings in the Knoxville area. No need to pay a sitter or ask for the day off, having the ability to choose the time of your closing takes some of the stress out of the title and closing process!

And, to top it off, it saves time for you, but also the lenders and title agents as well so it’s a benefit for all parties involved in real estate property transfer.

Close with Crossland Title  

Take the guesswork out of closing, and choose Crossland Title as your Knoxville real estate resource. We have been serving the area for over 38 years. Furthermore, with mobile title closings, we can close anytime, anywhere. We build our title services around YOUR needs! Contact us today: 865-671-0617.