Easy Summer Home Maintenance Knoxville
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Easy Summer Home Maintenance Knoxville

Easy Summer Home Maintenance Knoxville

At Crossland Title Inc., we understand that your home is more than just a financial investment. It is a place to create memories, build a life, and find sanctuary. That’s why we care about you past your closing date. As summer heats up, we would like to share some simple home maintenance ideas to keep your Knoxville home looking great.


Summer is the perfect time to get outside and beautify your yard! Give your lawn some love by planting low-maintenance flowers and shrubs. Adding mulch around plants will not only keep them healthy but will also add an extra design element to your landscaping. Trimming trees and bushes is also essential to prevent overgrowth that can cause damage to your siding, roof, or windows.

Hot time for indoor projects

As temperatures rise, many of us want to escape indoors to avoid the heat. Use this time to tackle some easy indoor projects. Clean your air filters to improve your HVAC system’s efficiency and extend its lifespan. Inspect your attic insulation and add more if necessary. You can also update your ceiling fans and light fixtures, switch to energy-efficient light bulbs, and declutter your home to allow for better airflow and organization.

Make an outdoor kitchen

Take advantage of the sunny weather and create an outdoor kitchen! Whether you’re grilling, entertaining, or just enjoying the warm breeze, an outdoor kitchen will add value and functionality to your home. Do some research on what type of grill, countertops, and appliances you want to include. You can also add a pergola or outdoor seating area to make your backyard oasis complete.

Maintain your pool

If you have a pool, summer is the time to keep it pristine! Regularly test your pool’s pH levels, add chlorine as needed, and skim out debris with a pool net. Clean the pool filter and pump to keep them running smoothly. Add some pool accessories, like floats and games, to make it a fun place for all ages.

Safety first

Summer can bring hazards to your home, so it’s important to prioritize safety. Check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they are working correctly. If you have a fire extinguisher, make sure it is still in good condition. Inspect your deck for loose or splintered boards and repair them immediately. If you have children or pets, secure any pools, ponds, or other hazardous areas to prevent accidents.

Crossland Title Inc.

At Crossland Title Inc., we strive to provide more than just real estate closing services. We care about your home’s long-term health and want to help you keep it looking good this summer and beyond. From landscaping to safety checks, these simple home maintenance ideas will keep your Knoxville home safe, beautiful, and functional. For more information on our services or to schedule a closing, get in touch today.