How to Be Productive This Fall
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How to Be Productive This Fall

How to Be Productive This Fall

If you’re struggling to maintain a schedule or finding that tasks are left undone at the end of the week, you may be able to hack your way back into being productive this Fall. Below are a few tricks.

Dive in first thing. Start your day right by diving into a tough task first thing when you’re fresh, then taking a break for email or social media check-ins. This sets a tight pace for your day, rather than starting with emails or social media, which sets off a slower pace.

Get competitive. Competition is a great way to boost productivity, but you can achieve this result by being competitive with yourself! Can you beat your own time? Can you finish before your deadline?

Set a reward. Set a reward like a fun walk with friends, a coffee date or catching up on your favorite series later tonight. However, make sure to hold yourself accountable so you can’t cash in on your reward if you didn’t do the work. If you struggle with this, enlist a friend or spouse to help hold you accountable.

Talk to yourself. Motivational talk doesn’t need to come from an outside source. Practice a few motivational phrases using “you” instead of “I” and find one that resonates, like “You got this!” Whenever you’re in a slump, say it to yourself.

Set up procrastination time slots. You know at some point in the day you will want to look at social media, online shop or peruse the menu for that new restaurant downtown. Set yourself two or three 15-minute time slots for procrastination to take space in, and that’s it. Which leads us to…

Block social media. There are several apps you can install to temporarily block social media access from your phone or desktop. This will stop you from habitual distractions, like cruising Facebook every 20 minutes.

Try the one-task trick. If you’re really struggling to get on the productivity bus, tell yourself you can quit for the day after you slash one large item off your to-do list. Chances are, you’ll feel up for a few more tasks once that one is done. If not, at least you managed something!