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E-Closing is our industry’s premier cloud-based title production system.

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E-Closing – trusted by thousands of title professionals across the county. So, E-Closing is a powerful tool. A tool that can help modernize and streamline any title operation. E-Closing equips agents with the tools necessary to take their business to the next level. Tools like better customer service, or tracking business relationships. Or even adopting a paperless environment or managing many offices.
E-Closing came about by a panel of leading title professionals. Because of this, residential and commercial real estate closings handle these things. With E-Closing you have one piece of software. That software allows you to receive orders from your lenders. It also provides quotes using our built-in fee calculator. Also, create closing and title documents, print checks and reconcile your escrow accounts. Also, to record documents electronically.  Store all signed documents within our cloud environment.

CLOUD-BASED E-Closing is the industry’s premier cloud-based title and closed software. E-Closing is the best way for a title agent to move their production to the cloud.

SECURE Cyber-Attacks have become more sophisticated and continue to evolve. E-Closing secures your data so you and your clients stay protected.

Crossland Title E-Closing in Knoxville is ready to help with the latest technology.


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