Title Agency in Maryville Tennessee
Crossland Title Tennessee

Title Agency in Maryville Tennessee

Title Agency in Maryville Tennessee

Crossland Title, Inc

Crossland Title Inc. is a Knoxville title agency providing full-service real estate title solutions. Crossland Title Inc. makes your closing seem effortless.

With more than 36 years of experience in the real estate and title business, owners Pam Rice and Beth Crox have built their reputations upon the virtues of personal service and integrity. They believe that reputation as an honest and reliable business is the recipe for success.

All About House Closing

When you finally arrive at closing day in the home-buying process, it can sometimes be a whirlwind of unknowns and confusion. You will have questions like – How much are closing costs on a house? Who pays closing costs? What financial information – if any – do you need to take with you?
Then there’s all the of paperwork you’ll have to sign when you close on your new home. So how can you be ready for all the documents you’ll need to review – and understand? Prepare for the ride ahead so you can close on your loan with confidence.

How long does it take to close on a house?

Buying a home is a major financial commitment. There’s no average time to close on a house, so don’t rush. Make sure you understand everything you’re signing and don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s okay if it takes some time. Plan on at least two hours – if everything goes smoothly, it could be less, and if something unexpected happens it could take longer. Take a deep breath, take your time and, once you’re done signing all that paperwork, take your keys to your new house!

Ask questions if it’s over your head.

During both closings, there’s a lot going on. The deed of title gets delivered to the buyer. The title gets transferred, financing documents and title insurance policies get exchanged. The agreed-on costs are paid. Some of the final documents, including the deed and mortgage or deed of trust. Also, they are signed by the appropriate parties, and then delivered to the county recorder to be recorded.
If you’re not a real estate attorney or a realtor, chances are these documents are going to appear foreign to you. A blur of legal and financial terms you’re expected to understand and agree to.

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