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What To Look For On You Final Walk Through.

What To Look For On Your Final Walk Through.

One of the final steps of the home-buying process right before closing is the final walk through. The final walk through gives the buyer an opportunity to view the home empty and assure it is in the same or better condition as when they went under contract on the home. We will give examples of what to check for on your final walk through.


Title Company Maryville Repairs

This is a good time to double check that all repairs agreed upon in the contract were done accordingly. If the repairs we to be checked by a professional or home inspector, make sure they are present for the final walk-through as well. This is especially important if the repairs were being done in a hard to see place like a crawl space or attic.  Additionally, take stock of any requested repair receipts at this time.


Crossland Title MaryvilleDamage

Sometimes moving out of a home can cause damages to the ceiling, floors, or Sheetrock. Additionally, people are known to often freeze their hvac units during a summer move-out. So make sure the unit and thermostat are working the same or better than they were during the home inspection.


Crossland Title MaryvilleDefects Behind Objects

Many times when the home inspector is present the homeowners still live in the home. Rugs, large furniture, or other furniture may knowingly or unknowing be concealing damage to the home. So once again, this is a time to make sure the home is as expected.


Title Company MaryvilleNew defects

Believe it or not, in the weeks between the home inspection and closing new damage can happen. Was there a big storm or flood recently in the area of the home? If so, you may want to double check the roof, floors, basement, or outbuildings prior to close. Also make sure all appliances that were conveying in the purchase are still there and in working order.  Do this by turning everything on as if you were about to use it for a moment. Just remember to turn it back off. Additionally, flush all the toilets and turn on water in sinks to insure you have hot water, adequate plumbing, and working toilets.  Don’t forget to check the garage as well!



Cleanliness is a subjective issue. However, most contracts state that all possessions (useless negotiated otherwise in the contract) are to be removed from the home, and the place is to be “broom cleaned.”  You should expect the place to be swept or vacuumed and for it to be free from excessive amounts of dust, filth, and debris. Any additional agreed upon cleaning should also be done prior to the final walk through.


Crossland title maryvilleClosing

Note that pointing something out in a final walk-through doesn’t have to delay or derail closing. Parties can agree for certain items to be handled in a contractually stated and agreed upon time-frame after the closing date if the issues do not need immediate attention.

We always recommend our clients attend final walk-through. This practice is to protect the buyer from any unwanted surprises after they close on their home and become official owners.


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