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How To Protect Yourself Against Wire Fraud

How To Protect Yourself Against Wire Fraud

There can be several wire transfers involved in a real estate transaction.  Therefore, you need to be aware of how to protect yourself against fraudulent activity.  We want to help protect you from this. First remember, you should always call to verify wiring instructions prior to sending funds, that is rule number one.

What to look out for.

The culprit will most likely attempt to digitally mislead you, your agent, your lender, or the title company involved with the transaction.  They are looking for your personal information.  They do this by sending “fishing” emails attempting to get you to click on a devious link. Once you click on this link they have you.

Always pay attention to the sender’s email address of any email, not the signature of the email or the sender’s name. Thankfully, we use a company email ending in If you receive an email claiming to be from us with a different ending, please give us a call to verify the email.

When in doubt, call us!

Finally, never hesitate to reach out to us to with any questions, or for further education on wire fraud and how to avoid it. We understand that the team you select to represent you is extremely important and can be the difference in you being a victim of fraud and losing your money. Crossland Title and it’s staff take this matter extremely seriously and want to make sure you are aware and able to avoid this potential threat.



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