Spring Cleaning Declutter Tips
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Spring Into A Desired Listing

Spring Into A Desired Listing

In case your allergies haven’t told you yet, spring is in full bloom! Homebuyers are starting their house-hunting journey and it’s time to get your home ready to be placed on the market! Crossland Title is here to help you with some ways you can spring into a desired listing!


Sellers Market

As of today, it is a “seller’s market” where there are more buyers than there are available houses. Most buyers are having to act fast on homes to secure their bid. For sellers, this brings in a lot of competitive bids. To get to that point, you need to make sure your home is ready to be on the market.
Set aside a weekend to declutter and renovate any areas of your home that have been needing some care. Don’t forget also to tidy up your lawn and garden as a curbside appeal can be a big consideration for buyers when browsing around.

Professional Photography

Most homebuyers are more attracted to better photos and if a home is properly staged. Having a professional come in to stage your home can give potential buyers the vision of living there. Consider hiring a real estate photographer too, as they can ensure that the photos you use are spotlighting the best attributes of your home in its best lighting and angles.

Spring Cleaning

The timing is perfect to begin your spring cleaning. Prepping it for real estate photos, virtual tours, or even in-person tours, is going to be key to getting your home ready to sell as quickly as needed.


As fast as homebuyers need to act on offers, you need to act fast on getting your home ready. When you’re finally ready to close out the deal, come on by Crossland Title in Knoxville, Tn. We would love to help you during the process!

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