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Crossland Title, Inc

Crossland Title Inc. is a Knoxville title agency providing full-service real estate title solutions. Crossland Title Inc. makes your closing seem effortless.

With more than 36 years of experience in the real estate and title business, owners Pam Rice and Beth Crox have built their reputations upon the virtues of personal service and integrity. They believe that reputation as an honest and reliable business is the recipe for success.

Here’s some things you may need to know before closing.

What is closing? Closing (also called settlement) is the legal transfer of property ownership. Usually, but not always, possession is transferred at closing. Sometimes the seller may ask to close the sale but retain possession. Also, pay rent to the buyer until vacating the property at a later date.

Who attends closing? Face-to-face closing are common in most states, although a few states do not require them. Your buyer’s representative can provide details for your situation. The participants usually include:
– You, the buyer – The seller – The real estate agents representing the buyer(s) and seller(s) – Attorneys for the buyer(s) and seller(s) – The closing agent, the title insurance representative, and the escrow agent. Often one person fulfills all three roles. They coordinate and record the exchange of the documents and money. They also disburse funds, and handling various closing details.
Where is closing held? Closings are usually held at a title company’s office. Their job is to confirm the current legal owner of the property, reveal any mortgages. Also, liens, judgments or unpaid taxes on the property, and identify any restrictions that may affect the sale of the property. Any problems need to be then corrected before a buyer can receive “good title.”

What do I need to bring? Your buyer’s rep can advise you on what you’ll need to bring to closing, but typically buyers must provide:

– Payment of closing costs
– Proof of insurance
– Approval of inspections of the property




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