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Title Closing East Tennessee

Title Closing East Tennessee

Crossland Title, Inc

Crossland Title, Inc. is fully committed to providing quality products and services to our communities. With more than 36 years of experience in the real estate and title agency business. Owners Pam Rice and Beth Crox have built their reputations upon the virtues of personal service and integrityThey believe that reputation as an honest and reliable business is the recipe for success. They have a knowledge base and support. The staff of Crossland Title, Inc. is more than capable of guiding each client through the myriad of issues surrounding a real estate closing. Crossland Title Inc. seeks the opportunity to continually earn your business. Trust our service driven, customer sensitive approach to the title industry.

When will my loan fund?

Finish signing all your closing documents and the Closing Agent or Attorney finishes all their tasks. Then, your loan will fund and disburse.  For owner occupied refinances, there is a three-day rescission period. This is from the time you sign your closing documents until the loan funds. This is typically the fourth business day. Saturdays included, federal holidays excluded following your signing date.

Who contacts me when docs are ready for me to sign?

The Closing Agent or Attorney will schedule your closing.  If your loan is eligible for eClosing, you will receive closing documents electronically. These documents will come to you via email before the physical loan signing.   Not all states allow all loan documents to eSign.  Your state may not allow for all documents to be eSigned. Generally you will sign any documents that must notarize or record in person, and all other documents electronically.

If you have any questions about the closing process, give us call!

We love serving our community and would love to hear from you and guide you through the home buying process.

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